Company Overview

RMBS is the expert in Revenue Cycle Management. We have over 25 years of medical billing and healthcare management experience with multi-specialties. All our billers are certified from reputable firms and our leadership team have over 10 years of hands-on billing and consulting experience.

 Why Choose Us

We PARTNER with our clients to achieve the same goal. Not only that, we limit new client implementation as needed. What does that mean to you as a client and a partner? When you sign up with us, we make sure you are fully implemented before we sign up another new client. We assign you an implementation specialist who will spend one on one with you and your staff to understand your needs. We also take away yours burden of learning a new system (EMR/PM system). Our talented team have used mostly all the known systems in the market.

Our mission

We are committed to help our clients manage their patients’ health by taking away the administrative burden of billing so the clients can focus on healing! Our team is focused on improving cash flow and most importantly stabilizing it, effectively manage your accounts receivables. We take pride in becoming a coach for you and your staff to become more efficient in coding and billing habits.

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