Revenue Cycle Management

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RMBS partners with you to maximize your earning potential and effectively manage your account receivables. We also remove your burden of switching to a new system and training when you use our services.

Audit & Compliance

Due to extreme requirements, regulations, and policy change requirements by both Federal and State laws, the administrative burden and demands are increasing in our complex industry and has become challenging.

Document Management

RBMS utilizes Document Management Software technology, which is a complete offering of business and data process applications to support the conversion process, converting paper documents and records to easily accessible, web based images.

EHR/EMR Consultation

We will help you develop a cutting-edge EHR/PM software for practice. If not, we can help you connect with the right vendors for this software to make it easy for healthcare professionals to optimize the efficiency of their practices.

Monthly Invoice and Reports

RMBS will provide you with a detailed invoice based on various reports generated by us. The invoice will show the complete history of the current financial years activities and generate various reports like,

Bad Debt

RMBS uses external contractors to collect any form of bad debt. All costs in this regard are charged to the patient, and all collections are also based on a percentage of funds collected.

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